Deliver highly relevant product and content results

An intelligent search engine
is the heart of omni-channel engagement

Fast and accurate delivery of products and content, even on tablets and smartphones. Prediggo’s genetic search engine produces more relevant results with fewer errors and more marketer control.

sample execution on different devices

Relevant results from the first letters typed.

Deliver the highly relevant suggestions today’s shoppers expect from just a few characters. Prediggo provides instant visibility to the right products, blog posts, store locations, promotions, etc ….

sample of an auto-complete execution

Accurate results for every keyword, every time.

Prediggo Genetic Search combines multiple algorithms and phonetic spelling for optimal
error tolerance for your needs. Synonym support in Prediggo Galaxies handles the rest.

an example of phonetic spelling tolerance

Adapt the user experience to the
product type and your marketing priorities

Prediggo is not a “one size fits all” solution. You can customize the formatting of facet navigation menus, product list merchandising, banner positions and more for every product category or priority keyword.

an example of a Prediggo managed list page

Learn how to use boosting, sorting and rules based strategies to build optimal product list merchandising.

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Additional Features

Performance Analytics

Comprehensive statistics on popular searches, specific keyword performance, top convertors and much more.

Virtual Attributes – Light PIM

Enhance your product and content placement strategies by adding attributes and values directly into Prediggo.

Advanced Rights Management

Not every user needs access to every part of the Prediggo system. Set usage rights specific to the needs of each user.



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