Automate product promotions & marketing campaigns in 1 click

Marketers set custom strategies for different product and customer segments with automation tools that are flexible and highly intuitive.

Example of a product list page with Drag & Drop functionality

Automatically target engagement campaigns
based on marketing priorities

Prediggo supports marketing scenarios that apply specific settings when triggered by
a timeframe, customer segmentation, language, the visited page and much more!

User profile based, self-learning personalization

Prediggo maintains a dynamic preferences profile for each user session. Our artificial intelligence algorithm access these profiles in real time when selecting the results returned.

product recommendations example

Create a nearly infinite number of strategic
rules custom to your business needs.

Using more than twenty built-in merchandising strategies, you can customize product recommendation / merchandising and content placement strategies to any business requirement.

A stage in rules creation for recommendations

You can also customize the display of your banners and products through out your site

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Additional Features

Performance Analytics

Comprehensive statistics on popular searches, specific keyword performance, top convertors and much more.

Virtual Attributes – Light PIM

Enhance your product and content placement strategies by adding attributes and values directly into Prediggo.

Advanced Rights Management

Not every user needs access to every part of the Prediggo system. Set usage rights specific to the needs of each user.



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